Taking a deep dive into Journalist Studio

27th January

We took a deep dive into Journalist Studio, the Google tool aimed at reporters that offers ‘creativity, efficiency, and security’. We recently expanded our offering to provide PR and communications for clients, and tools that help with the research and writing process are always worth checking out.

Within Journalist Studio there are 13 separate functionalities that offer different benefits. Take for instance, The Common Knowledge Project, that brings together public data sets so you can create your own charts and add them into your writing. You can narrow down your searches to take into account different metrics, sources and categories, to get tailored results based on what kind of project you’re working on. Pretty neat.

Another of the functionalities is an old favourite, Google Trends, where you can find ‘explore what the world is searching’. On the first page, you are greeted with the latest world stories and insights – an example being Coronavirus Search Trends, that will be particularly useful for any kind of research project that looks at social, political, or environmental trends.

Let’s take a look at ‘lockdown’ as a search term. We can narrow it down by region, time period, category, and what kind of search (News, Image, etc.) You can even compare different terms.

Search term example

You can also see interest by subregion:

These kinds of searches are useful for preliminary project research, or can even just be used as visuals for adding some depth to your reports or blogs.

Another feature we wanted to touch upon is Pinpoint, which you can request access for right away if you have a valid Gmail account. The getting started guide is here.

This tool allows you to upload and analyse large numbers of documents using Google Search, AI and machine learning. Instead of trawling through your own folders to find a specific piece of work for a client or prospect, this tool can do that for you.

You can create a ‘collection’ of files, and you can do this for every client you have or every project you’re working on. Uploading documents to each collection is incredibly easy:

There are plenty of benefits but these are the ones that stood out to us most:

  • Each collection can hold up to 200k files
  • Collections are private by default but you can easily share with colleagues with a few clicks
  • You can search for terms or file names and it will pull documents that are related
  • Automatic transcription is available, and you can turn transcripts into searchable files
  • You can browse collections on a range of topics from leading partners

This could be fantastic for people working remotely that need the same level of productivity and organisation they had in an office environment. It’s going to be powerful for writers, PR managers and journalists that are dealing with hundreds of documents and reams of data throughout their working day. It can potentially take time and stress out of putting together reports and meeting deadlines if you’re in a pinch.

We’re looking forward to seeing how it develops.

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