Welcome to the new look Influx Digital

14th January

We are excited to unveil the new look Influx Digital. In this insight, we explore what has changed, why we have changed it and get comments from Influx Managing Director, James Whittall.

Influx Rebrand

Those of you who are already familiar with Influx may have noticed that it’s not just our website that has changed recently – we’ve also updated our branding across the board. As well as a new font and an updated logo, we have revamped our brand messaging on our website and across the entire brand.

Registered Trademark

To protect our brand within the industry, we also made sure that we registered the ‘Influx’ trademark with the Intellectual Property Office across all things websites and marketing

James Whittall, says:

“As we continue to grow and establish ourselves in the industry of websites and marketing, protecting our brand identity has become more important. That’s why we decided to protect our name “Influx” with a registered trademark. This is something we have experience with for brands and products so made sense to do it for ourselves. ”

Brand Messaging

As a dynamic digital agency that prides itself on using the latest practices and technologies to help brands to stay at the forefront of their market, it is extremely important that we as an agency also constantly learn, adapt and evolve.

With the image of the brand taken care of, we felt it was really important that our messaging reflected where we are today as a brand. Rather than being all things to all people and businesses and diluting our message, “We help successful Startups and SMEs take their brand to the next level online.”

James Whittall, says:

“It was important for us to evolve our messaging alongside the visual aspect of the brand and play to our strengths of web design, development and then supporting marketing that goes hand in hand with websites.”

Web Design

Sometimes, a fresh start is exactly what is needed, and that is the approach we took with the latest updates to our website. We decided to start with a clean slate and build something brand new from the ground up. The process that we used in our redesign is a great example of the approach we use with our clients.

James Whittall, says:

“When we are creating a new website for a client, we ask them for their competitors and the companies they want to be competing with, no matter how big or small. We also encourage them to look for websites or features that they like, as well as finding examples that we love.

“For the Influx site, this was no different. We looked at industry leaders and award-winning websites we loved to create a ‘mood board’ to guide our creative efforts. With a first draft, we can get a real feel for a website. It also gives a good estimate of how much copy content we need, or if we need to adapt the designs to accommodate more.


When choosing to build a new website, whether redesigning an existing website or a completely new project, your business must adopt a strategic approach that is driven not just by your brand identity but also by user considerations. Following the process that we use here at Influx ensures that our clients enjoy powerful, bespoke websites that look amazing and offer an exceptional user experience.

We also recognise that launching your new website is just the beginning of the journey and pride ourselves on helping clients get off to the best possible start. Read our article on what to do when you launch a new website to learn more.

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