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What are the legal requirements for a website?

Part 1 – What you MUST do Display a valid Cookie Notice What the law says: Under EU wide legislation, all websites that are owned within the EU or are aimed at customers in the EU are required to comply with the Cookie Law. This is a piece of privacy legislation that requires websites to […]

10th January | Guides

Best Websites for Free Stock Images

When showcasing your business online, powerful images are essential. You could hire photographers, models and backdrops to get the perfect picture but that is unrealistic and impractical for most businesses. So how do you obtain the images that you want, with the right subject matter, style and tone, every time you need one? Quality stock […]

1st November | Guides

How to launch a website (checklist)

So your brand new website is ready, and you are getting excited about the launch – and so you should be. Before you break out the champagne, however, it is worth noting that the journey has only just begun. If you are willing to go the extra mile and take care of these essentials, your […]

16th October | Guides
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