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How much is a lead worth to your business?

Consumer activity and eCommerce have both changed significantly. We’ve seen a huge spike in online activity as companies expand their eCommerce initiatives to match new patterns of behaviour. This year, retaining customers, driving repeat business and converting leads into sales will be vital for success. Calculating the number of leads you’re generating is the first […]

10th March | Insights

What we’re doing to reduce our carbon footprint as a business

As a business, we are very fortunate to have office space in Manchester Spinningfields WeWork. It’s a fantastic space for collaboration and there are some great perks. Now remote working is more common, it’s worth businesses considering making the switch. A lot of time, effort and resource goes into the management of an independent office […]

3rd March | Insights

Taking a deep dive into Journalist Studio

We took a deep dive into Journalist Studio, the Google tool aimed at reporters that offers ‘creativity, efficiency, and security’. We recently expanded our offering to provide PR and communications for clients, and tools that help with the research and writing process are always worth checking out. Within Journalist Studio there are 13 separate functionalities […]

27th January | Insights

Why LinkedIn automation just isn’t cutting it

Automation apps As a networking tool, LinkedIn is excellent for connecting and starting conversations with peers. The only downside is how it’s being used for sales. There are apps and companies that exist to automate LinkedIn activities such as bulk messaging, sending connection requests, viewing profiles, and keeping an eye on CRM. Blinked is a […]

13th January | Insights

New Year, New You – the Influx Digital way

Last year was a rollercoaster, with a whole host of unexpected ups and downs. During this time we’ve been forced to adapt to new ways of working, and new ways of reaching customers. In this blog, we want to talk about some of the trends that have emerged over the last 12 months that we […]

7th January | Insights

Bringing your brand to life at every customer touchpoint

Your brand is more than “just your logo” When people think ‘brand’ they might narrow the term down to ‘branding’ and think about just a logo but there’s far more to it than that. In the past, ‘brand’ was tied up in advertising, and it makes sense, we all have our own favourite jingles and […]

7th October | Insights

Pivoting budgets from physical to digital – what we’ve learned

We saw the first event cancellations because of coronavirus in February of this year, with plenty more to follow in the months after that. Trade shows took a real hit, and will probably not return to ‘normal’ for a while. If companies can reorganise them to be online, they have, if they can’t, they’re cancelled. […]

22nd September | Insights

Website FAQs

At Influx Digital, we never assume that everything is obvious to our customers and prospects. In every line of work, you become comfortable with ways of working, jargon, and business ‘norms’, but not everyone will be up to speed, and that’s okay. We get a lot of questions from business prospects, which is to be […]

9th September | Insights

Getting to know the Influx Digital support package

At Influx Digital, we have what we like to call our ‘three pillars’, design, development and digital marketing. Holding up these pillars is a team of experts in each discipline. From our experience, clients find that it’s cheaper and easier than seeking out and hiring each person individually for each task. You only pay for […]

11th August | Insights
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